Agreement to donate a digital copy of original document/s


I have full and legal authority to donate a digitised copy of the above document/collection to the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) Digital Archive. To the best of my knowledge, the original of which I am the legal owner was acquired rightfully and legally.



I hereby transfer ownership of the original document to the IBCC Digital Archive, which will be responsible for all decisions relating to the material.


I acknowledge that I remain the copyright holder of the original document/s. I hereby grant copyright of the digital version to the University of Lincoln. The IBCC Digital Archive, on behalf of the University, will make the digital version freely available online under a Creative Commons non-commercial licence. The University may also use, reproduce, translate, create derivative works or performances from the digital version, or incorporate it into other works in any media, or licence its use for purposes of ensuring the sustainability of the Archive.
I understand that the IBCC Digital Archive will own the copyright to the cataloguing data for this donation.

Online availability shall be as follows:

Access restrictions [reasons and length must be provided]:

The responsibilities of the IBCC Digital Archive

The University of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust are partners in the creation, delivery and operation of the International Bomber Command Centre. This Centre comprises four elements:

  • A memorial spire and walls of names
  • Memorial gardens
  • An interpretation centre (the Chadwick Centre), housing interpretive exhibits that tell the story of Bomber Command, as well as educational and other visitor facilities.
  • The IBCC Digital Archive

The IBCC Digital Archive aims to be the most comprehensive repository of information on Bomber Command. It will supply the material for use in the interpretive exhibits in the Chadwick Centre, as well as supporting ongoing research and publicising the story of Bomber Command in other ways. The Archive, consisting entirely of digitised resources, is housed at and managed by the University of Lincoln. The University undertakes to preserve and protect all its holdings securely and responsibly, in terms of its Partnership Agreement with the International Bomber Command Centre. The University further undertakes to adhere to the conditions of donation as specified in this agreement.

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