Named in honour of Roy Chadwick, who designed the iconic Lancaster, The Chadwick Centre at the International Bomber Command Centre will tell the collective story of Bomber Command.

It will accommodate adaptable exhibition and installation spaces for permanent and touring displays, interpretation, artworks and related information. It will present Bomber Command in all its complexity and ambiguity for a 21st century Europe, without detracting from the bravery of those who participated in its operations and will also include the story of its impact on civilian populations and the fierce debates conducted in the War Cabinet over the wisdom of campaigns.

An "Orchestra of Voices" will create a comprehensive international story of the Command using, in part, oral histories and videographies.  There will be interviews with veterans, both air and ground crew, and support staff from around the world.  Additionally, there will be accounts of survivors of the Allied bombing campaign, those involved in the Resistance Movement and people from the communities affected by the influx of thousands of service personnel into their lives.

Designed by Place Architecture, the visitor facilities will include the exhibition, a reference library, restaurant, multimedia suite and a shop.

There will also be a purpose built Education Centre which will be staffed by a full-time team of educationalists, who's remit will include liaising with schools and creating an international on-line teaching resource.

Using state-of-the-art technology and interactive displays the Centre will tell the story through the eyes of those who witnessed events first-hand.
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